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Fireworks Seizure - Alice Springs

Tuesday 03-Jul-2018 12:03

Members of the Cross Border Team have seized 50kgs of fireworks south of the Stuart Highway.

Around 3:30pm Officers were conducting a roadside traffic stop when they located two boxes of fireworks in the rear of the vehicle yesterday.

The fireworks were seized and occupants of the vehicle were cautioned.

The driver advised Officers they were taking the fireworks to an Aboriginal Community interstate.

Detective Senior Sergeant Peter Malley said the seizure was a timely reminder to people to hand in their unused fireworks or risk a hefty fine.

“People need to be mindful that there are rules in place and that it is illegal to take fireworks interstate.

“The period for legally possessing fireworks expires at 12 noon today, and so we would urge anyone with unused fireworks hands them in to the designated NT WorkSafe office or risk a $1540 fine.

“In this incident, these people were in possession of fireworks and so we seized the fireworks and issued the occupants with a caution.

“It’s still a very expensive lesson to learn,” said Det. Snr Sgt Malley