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Territory Day firework wrap Alice Springs

Monday 02-Jul-2018 14:16

Alice Springs Fire and Rescue Service responded to 38 calls for assistance in relation to fires and the use of fireworks in a 24-hour period yesterday.

Alice Springs Fire Station Officer Andrew Koop said crews received calls relating to grass fires as soon as fireworks went on sale.

“Throughout Sunday until 6pm we attended eight calls for assistance in relation to grass fires around Alice Springs”, said Station Officer Koop.

As a busy night approached, Alice Springs Fire and Rescue Services were joined by 17 volunteers from the Alice Springs Rural Volunteer Fire Brigade and Bushfires NT.

“Thankfully we had plenty of assistance from volunteers to help us through the peak period of the night. From 6pm until 11pm volunteers and crews attended 22 grass fires.”

“Volunteers from the Alice Springs Rural Volunteer Fire Brigade attended and extinguished a large grass fire north of town just off the Stuart Highway.

“It wasn’t near any homes or buildings, but given the dry grass and current high fuel load it wouldn’t take much for something like that to get out of hand.

“Again, it’s just fantastic that we have these experienced volunteers willing to assist us on busy nights like this.”

After 11pm volunteers were sent home to rest up and local duty crews kept at it until 3am responding to a further six grass fires.

Station Officer Koop said while Territory Night is considered the big night on the event calendar, he urged people with left over fireworks to hand them back to WorkSafe NT.

“If you have left over fireworks – please hand them into WorkSafe NT. People will be fined if they let them off outside of the approved hours,” said Station Officer Koop.

Alice Springs Police issued an Electronic Infringement Notice to a 22-year-old man who ignited a firework which set a palm tree on fire.

Two youth had their fireworks seized and were issued with loitering notices after they were caught setting fireworks off inside the Territory Day event at Anzac Oval. 

Police received reports of fireworks being thrown at pedestrians walking home, however no formal complaints were forthcoming and no reports were received in regards to injuries or property damage.