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Territory Day - 1792 Calls to NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services

Monday 02-Jul-2018 11:43

Staff in the Joint Emergency Services Communications Centre (JESCC) yesterday have been praised for taking a total of 1792 calls on this year’s Territory Day.

In the 24 hours between midnight Saturday night and midnight last night, 587 calls to the Police Assistance Line (131 444) were taken, 340 to 000 Police and 865 to 000 Fire.

These figures show an increase from 2017, with police then receiving 107 calls and the NT Fire and Rescue Service receiving 416.

“The call centre staff did an amazing job to deal with this volume of calls,” Acting Commander Brendan Muldoon said.

“From 6pm until midnight last night, staff took 1250 calls.”

Of those 1250 calls during that six-hour period, 287 were made to the Police Assistance Line, 154 to police and 809 to fire.

679 grass/scrub fires were reported, with 98 fireworks-related disturbances and six structure fires.