Crime Stoppers

Northern Territory Police School Holiday Operations for Darwin and Palmerston

Sunday 23-Dec-2018 13:01

Throughout the holiday period, Northern Territory Police will be undertaking a range of operations aimed at ensuring everyone is able to have a safe and enjoyable festive season.

Acting Commander Craig Laidler said Operation Provis, which began on 14 December 2018, has been formulated to provide for a multi-phase response with a focus on education, engagement and enforcement.

“Operation Provis aims to make sure public amenity is upheld, property crime is prevented, known offenders are monitored and targeted, all while maintaining safety within the community,” Commander Laidler said.

“We will be working collaboratively with other Government and Non-Government organisations to ensure an effective and coordinated response.”

For Casuarina Police, the main focus will be on targeting the Casuarina shopping precinct and surrounds with a further focus on the smaller suburban shopping complexes.

“Members will conduct high visibility patrols and will target anti-social behaviour and alcohol related offences in and around the shopping centres whilst maintaining a visual presence to provide a perception of safety to members of the public.”

Darwin Police will be targeting Darwin's Smith St Mall, the Water Front precinct and shops in and around the Darwin City throughout the day and evening.

“Members will be engaging with business owners and members of the public, maintaining a high profile and addressing anti-social behaviour if or when it arises. Dedicated Segway patrols will be included daily to ensure an overt high visibility engaging police presence.”

The team in the Palmerston and rural areas will also be targeting the shopping centres across their region, along with other known areas of interest such as local parks and high patronage organized community events.

“Members will also continue coordinated operations with Transit Safety to ensure safety on the public transport system and joint operations with Public Housing Officers.

“In addition, the Darwin Metropolitan Command will be coordinating with Darwin Traffic Operations to conduct targeted road safety operations throughout the entire holiday period.

“The intent is to reiterate and strengthen current road safety messages through high visibility Random Breath Testing (RBT) stations and targeted traffic enforcement activities.

“Police are also utilising high visibility electronic messaging on roadsides to reinforce road safety messages with the community, focussing on educating the community on the Fatal Five:
• speeding;
• drink and drug driving;
• failure to wear a seatbelt;
• driving while fatigued; and
• distraction and inattention.”

“Head to the NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services Facebook pages to keep up to date with what is going on.

“Please be aware of your alcohol consumption, be considerate of others, and help those in need.

“Many property crimes are opportunistic and home owners are reminded to ensure they take steps to deter this type of opportunistic criminal behaviour such as locking doors (even when at home); putting keys, wallets and other valuables in a safe place out of sight; and if you are travelling, asking a trusted friend or neighbour to take out your bins, collect your mail and keep watch over your house.”

NT Police encourage the community to access the Neighbourhood Watch NT website, which provides some practical tips on how you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim.