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Water Police Rescue - South Alligator River

Thursday 20-Dec-2018 13:11

The Northern Territory Water Police Section is continuing to remind Territorians about the importance of safety equipment and preparation after assisting with the rescue of fishermen stranded on the South Alligator River.

Just before midday yesterday, the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) in Canberra notified Northern Territory Police of an EPIRB activation approximately 19 kilometres north north-west of the river’s boat ramp.

It is believed that the vessel had run out of fuel two days prior, and after not having any other vessels pass by to assist with self-recovery and running low on food and water, the men made the decision to activate their EPIRB.

“It’s fortunate that the group had an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) with them,” Senior Constable Richard Cheal said.

“This enabled the JRCC in Canberra to coordinate a response to locate the fisherman.”

After the vessel was located by a CareFlight helicopter, water police attended and towed the vessel and its occupants back to the boat ramp.

“It is great that those on board carried the required safety equipment and after realising their deteriorating situation after two days, they were able to make the decision to activate their EPIRB,” he said.

“The decision to activate the EPIRB early in the day allowed a timely rescue response by the JRCC and NT Water Police with Jabiru Police and Kakadu National Park Rangers on standby to assist if required.

“This was a good example of the importance of preparation and having appropriate safety equipment when heading on the water.

“If you are going out fishing, plan ahead and stay safe on the water.”