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Possession of firearms - Durack

Wednesday 05-Dec-2018 14:25

Northern Territory Police are investigating an incident that occurred shortly before midnight last night where five people were reportedly in a public place with firearms.

Palmerston police responded to a triple zero call in Durack with the caller stating that a group of persons travelling in a vehicle pointed firearms at a pedestrian and yelled abuse at him.

Police arrived and observed two males in the vehicle and three outside the vehicle. One of the males was found to have a firearm in his possession. After searching the area, the members located two more automatic firearms.

The weapons seized are the type that can be known as gel blaster, airsoft, hydro blaster or gel ball firearms. Under the Firearms Act NT, it is illegal to be in possession of these firearms. Non-firing imitation firearms are prohibited under the Weapons Act NT.

The Northern Territory Police Firearms Policy and Recording Unit (FPRU) is alerting Territorians about the use of these firearms, particularly in the lead up to Christmas.

Senior Sergeant Amee Meredith said the unit has seen a number of these items in the NT recently and last night’s incident is a timely reminder that there are strict laws in place around the possession and use of prescribed firearms and weapons.

“We’ve recently had some of these items surface – all battery-driven, designed to resemble the original version,” she said.

“Some were handgun versions, some were semi-automatic rifles and some fully automatic machine guns.

“Some look exactly like real firearms until you have a closer look at them, and some are made with parts that are interchangeable with real firearms.

“We’ve received enquiries from both members of the public and businesses interested in importing these items, but whether they come into your possession for recreational or profit reasons, all versions are prohibited firearms.”

Anyone in possession of these types of firearms can surrender them to their local police station or contact the FPRU. 

More information about the licensing and regulation of firearms, as well as contact details for the FPRU can be found on the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services website.

The investigation into last night’s incident is ongoing and it is expected that charges will be laid.