Crime Stoppers

Operation Safe Roads – Northern Territory

Friday 24-Aug-2018 15:24

Northern Territory Police are tackling poor driving behaviour in a two week Territory wide Operation later this month.

Starting on Saturday, 25 August, members of the Darwin Traffic Operations will begin conducting high visibility patrols to Adelaide River and Pine Creek en route to Katherine.

“We are aiming to provide a proactive police presence across these areas to encourage better driver behaviour,” said Superintendent Daniel Shean. 

“The number of deaths on our roads this year alone is 32, compared to 20 for the same period last year. That’s 32 too many and we want all road users to be more aware of what they’re doing when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle.”

Officers will conduct traffic patrols and RBTS in Katherine, Elliott and at various points on the Victoria and Stuart Highways to Mataranka and Tennant Creek.

“Once in Tennant Creek, we’ll be working with the local officers on the ground to do patrols and provide assistance where required," said Supt Shean. 

“We’ll be covering some ground while we’re there and hoping to enforce the road laws and remind all road-users of the fatal five; fatigue, seatbelts, drink and drug driving, distracted driving and speed.”

The arrival into Alice Springs on 31 August coincides with the start of the Red Centre NATS – a three day car festival which attracts motor enthusiast from across the country.

“The Red Centre NATS is an event that brings a significant crowd and will no doubt see an increase in road traffic during the three days," said Supt Shean. 

“It is timely that we will be working with the Southern Traffic Operations Unit and assisting them in enforcing drunk and drug driving and the anti-hooning legislation.

“I cannot stress enough to both motor enthusiasts, spectators and participants – unless they are competing in a controlled environment, motorists who drive recklessly will be punishable under the anti-hooning legislation, and will have their vehicle impounded for a 48 hour period.

“Time and time again we stress to motorists the important of being aware of their travelling speed when driving a vehicle and time and time again we receive the excuse of drivers being unaware of how fast they were travelling.

“Once someone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle they are completely responsible for the handling and driving of that vehicle, and failure to do so will result in traffic infringements, fines and as a last resort – arrest," he said. 

Operation Safe Roads will leave Alice Springs after the Red Centre NATS event and continue enforcing Australian Traffic Road Rules for the remainder of the operation on the return trip to Darwin.