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Section 48B of the Liquor Act - Commissioner's Power to Suspend Licence

Wednesday 01-Aug-2018 17:45

Northern Territory Commissioner of Police, Reece Kershaw APM, today exercised his powers under Section 48B of the Liquor Act to suspend a licensed premises from trade for a period of not more than 48 hours.

These new powers came into effect from 20 June 2018.

On 17, 21 and 23 July 2018 it is alleged by police that liquor was sold to drunk persons from the licensed premises known as Piggly Wiggly's Supermarket.

Furthermore, in the past 14 days, police have attended 29 separate incidents on or near that same licensed premises, including general and domestic disturbances, Assaults, Drunk Persons and Liquor Offences.

As a result of this information and allegations the Commissioner was advised that the circumstances warrant the application of section 48B of the Liquor Act.

“I have considered the information provided to me in relation to these allegations, including the repeat nature of the incidents,” Commissioner Kershaw said.

“The level of drunkenness and the correlation between alcohol consumption and offending (in particular domestic and family violence) is sufficient in my view that further offences of this type are likely should alcohol service remain available.”

Accordingly, the Commissioner exercised his power under section 48B and the liquor licence referred to as Piggly Wiggly's Supermarket, is suspended commencing 1600hrs 01/08/2018 until 1559hrs 03/08/2018.