Crime Stoppers

Parole revocation procedures addressed

Thursday 17-Sep-2015 16:10

As a result of yesterday’s search and apprehension of a fugitive in Alice Springs, a number of issues were identified in the process of revoking a person’s parole and that person being taken into custody.

“The NT Police and the Department of Corrections have already discussed streamlining procedures,” said Assistant Commissioner Jeanette Kerr.  

The agencies are in the process of implementing an operational procedure that entails:

  • A single point of contact from NT Police to Corrections so that police notify potential breaches of parole from Police to Corrections staff in a timely manner 
  • Corrections not advising a parolee that parole is to be revoked prior to Police receiving the revocation paperwork
  • A single point of contact from Corrections to NT Police when parole is being revoked, who will do a risk assessment and take priority action to apprehend the parolee.

“Both agencies are pleased that yesterday’s matter was resolved in just over 24 hours; and as a result of the issues identified we will have more effective procedures in place,” said Tracy Luke from the Department of Corrections.