Crime Stoppers

Public Assistance Sought – Animal Cruelty – Barkly Region

Wednesday 02-Sep-2015 14:48

Northern Territory Police are calling for public information in regards to the shooting of two domestic animals yesterday on Banka Banka Station.

Acting Superintendent for the Barkly Region, Pauline Vicary said that the station had only just acquired the camel and donkey as an additional tourist attraction for the station 150km south of Elliott.

“Around lunchtime on Tuesday the caretaker found the donkey had been shot dead with an arrow. A few hours later the camel was also found shot dead.

“A very dark – blue or black – late model four-wheel-drive was seen in the area about this time and Police are very keen to speak with the occupants of this vehicle.”

The arrows appear to be compound bow arrows. Compound bows are controlled weapons in the Northern Territory and penalties apply to their misuse.

“Northern Territory Police take instances of animal cruelty very seriously and urge anyone who may have witnessed any suspicious activity in the area, or who may have seen this vehicle to report it to Police on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.”