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Senior Firefighter Bill Gleeson - Innovation Award
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Northern Territory Firefighter wins Innovation Award

Wednesday 02-Sep-2015 11:06

Northern Territory Senior Firefighter Bill Gleeson has been awarded the Australian Fire and Emergency Services Knowledge Innovation Award.

Chief Fire Officer Steve Rothwell said the award recognises the innovation, contribution of an individual in the advancement of knowledge management within their agency.

“Bill has received this awarded in recognition for developing a Station Management System for the Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service (NTFRS).”

The Station Management System has been designed to assist operational Station Officers manage their day to day projected activities.

The system operates as an in-house electronic diary system that plans, captures and reports against activities at a Station level which can include things like conducting building inspections, undertaking school visits or performing shift training.

The system is interlinked across stations allowing the duty Watch Commander to view at a glance what is programmed for the day or night.

“The award is in recognition of Bill's outstanding commitment in developing our own internal NTFRS Station Management System,” Chief Fire Officer Steve Rothwell said.

"Bill has been recognised for his personal ownership of the project and the significant impact the introduction of the NTFRS Station Management System has made to our systems of business.

"Congratulations to Senior Firefigher Bill Gleeson who through his leadership and innovative approach delivered a high quality product that has now been recognised at the highest level."

The award was presented to Bill last night at the Australian Fire and Emergency Services/Bushfires and Natural Hazards conference in Adelaide.

The award includes $2,500 which will go towards attending conferences or learning opportunities for Bill to further his skills in the area of knowledge management.

This caps of a very successful year for Bill, in June he was awarded the Northern Territory Career Firefighter of the Year award.