Crime Stoppers

Operation Baratti - Darwin

Monday 26-Oct-2015 15:31

Police are now in their third week of Operation Baratti, an agency initiative targeting high risk driver behaviour in the Northern Territory.

Acting Senior Sergeant Craig Dunlop said the results over the weekend were extremely disappointing with one in six drivers in Darwin returning a positive reading for driving whilst under the influence of alcohol.

“The readings, ranging from 0.086 to 0.205brAC, are extremely concerning. We are constantly baffled by those who put themselves, and others at risk by getting behind the wheel after drinking.

“The actions of these individuals has landed them a date with the Magistrate to explain their risky behaviour, which could have ended in a serious crash causing injury or death if not intercepted by the Police.”

Police also issued nine infringement notices for various traffic offences including not wearing a seatbelt and using a mobile phone while driving.