Crime Stoppers

Drink Driving – Charges – Alice Springs

Monday 12-Oct-2015 14:16

Alice Springs Police arrested a man on Saturday 10 October, after an incident at the Milner Road shops.

Sergeant Conan Robertson from the Southern Traffic Operations Unit alleged that a 24-year-old man was arrested after Police attempted to stop him after he was observed behaving erratically.

 “The offender hopped into a Ford Falcon sedan at the Milner Road shops and tried to drive off.  A Police Officer attempted to stop him, first verbally and then by reaching in to take the keys out of the ignition.

 “The driver reversed and then drove forward dragging the officer about 10 metres before crashing into another car and coming to a stop.

 “He then climbed out the passenger window and decamped before being arrested on the roof of an adjacent house.

 “A later breath analysis returned a reading of 0.154.”

 The man was charged with:

  • Drive high range BrAC
  • Drive vehicle in a dangerous manner
  • Escape from lawful custody

 He will appear before the Alice Springs Magistrates Court today.

 “Police are putting their lives at risk every day to keep the community safe, this was a demonstration of stupidity that could have cost someone their life,” Sergeant Robertson said.

 “Drink driving is dangerous and Police will continue to stop and breath test drivers to make our roads safer.”