Crime Stoppers

High scores don’t mean you’re kicking goals

Thursday 01-Oct-2015 10:28

Northern Territory Police want everyone to have fun this grand final weekend, but urge revellers to behave responsibly.

“There will be a very visible Police presence in the Darwin CBD this weekend as part of a planned operation targeting antisocial behaviour and traffic offences,” Commander Brent Warren said.

“In partnership with Licensing NT and DarwinSafe, we will be attending licensed venues throughout the weekend. You will see mounted Police, drug detector dogs and foot patrols out and about.

“There will be random breath testing on all roads out of the city and you will be caught if you get behind the wheel after having a few. High scores on the breathalyser don’t mean you’re a winner, quite the opposite.”

In a recent operation in the city, Police apprehended 25 people driving under the influence of alcohol in just one shift.

“These sorts of numbers are not acceptable. We urge drivers to take responsibility, not only for their own lives but for those around them. If you intend to drink – don’t drive. It’s that simple.

“This is a special weekend for a big part of our community. In the spirit of the games, we hope everyone plays by the rules and shows true sportsmanship.”

The CBD operation will commence on Friday night and run through until Sunday night.