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Progress Report – Metropolitan Social Order and Engagement Unit

Thursday 26-Nov-2015 10:35

Northern Territory Police from Darwin Metropolitan Command were out in force earlier this week, cracking down on anti-social behaviour.

Acting Senior Sergeant Brendan Lindner said officers attached to the Metropolitan Social Order & Engagement Unit (MSOEU) conducted an operation targeted at anti-social behaviour at hotspots across Darwin.

“Twenty-two Police officers, including a number of officers in plain clothes and unmarked vehicles, participated in a coordinated operation aimed at responding to anti-social behaviour such as drinking liquor in public, public indecency, fighting, and disorderly behaviour,” Acting Senior Sergeant Lindner said.

“The community continually tell us that they have had enough of public drinking and anti-social behaviour in Darwin.

“We won’t ignore drinking in public because we know it often leads to alcohol-related violence, including domestic violence and assaults, so we will continue to target those responsible for anti-social behaviour.”

During this week’s operation, officers seized and tipped out 179 litres of liquor and issued 75 infringement notices, mostly for drinking in public. Four people were arrested for offences and 11 were taken into protective custody for intoxication, one of whom was conveyed to Royal Darwin Hospital for treatment.

Officers used a range of strategies including monitoring takeaway liquor stores and known drinking spots, and utilising Police trailbikes to get to locations where other vehicles are less effective.

The MSOEU, which commenced operations on 1 October 2015, have successfully issued 1,034 infringements, seized and tipped out 2,673 litres of liquor, while 121 people have been arrested, including 24 on warrants.

In addition, 524 intoxicated people have been taken into protective custody, including 37 taken to Royal Darwin Hospital due to severe intoxication or pre-existing injuries that were being ignored.

MSOEU officers regularly assist with response to emergency reports while out patrolling for anti-social behaviour and have attended and performed CPR on five occasions.

The MSOEU are regularly assisted by members of the public and local businesses who identify locations where people are drinking and specific areas where alcohol is hidden, such as garden beds and rubbish bins.

Members of the public are encouraged to report instances of anti-social behaviour via the police assistance line on 131 444.