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Overdue Party Located Katherine Gorge

Friday 13-Nov-2015 17:04

NT Police advise the overdue party reported earlier in the afternoon has been found.

Acting Commander Michael Hebb said the party was found shortly before 4:00pm.

“All three appear to be in reasonable health. As a precaution, they are being flown to Katherine Hospital for observation.

“This is an excellent outcome, thanks largely to the efforts and coordination of NTES and Parks and Wildlife Rangers along with local Police.

“Those coordinating the search were very fortunate to have some limited at times, mobile phone communication with the missing party, which greatly assisted with being able to locate them safely. 

“I am confident we would not have located the missing group in the same timeframes had they not carried a mobile phone, or if there had been no mobile phone service.”

A/Commander Hebb said these incidents serve as a reminder for people going on bush walks to consider taking an EPIRB, in addition to telling others where you are intending to go and carrying sufficient water.