Crime Stoppers

Police Target Anti Social Behavior Darwin

Sunday 08-Nov-2015 13:05

Members of the Metropolitan Social Order & Engagement Unit conducted an operation at Casuarina Square on Friday evening targetting anti-social behaviour.

Police worked closely with Casuarina Security and CCTV operators to quickly respond to incidents. 11 Police officers, both in plain clothes and uniform, patrolled in and around Casuarina Square on foot, in marked and unmarked vehicles including off-road motorcycles.

Police engaged with Casuarina Square staff and customers throughout the evening. Surrounding carparks and the Casuarina Bus Exchange were heavily patrolled. The operation resulted in 55 litres of alcohol being seized and tipped out, 13 intoxicated people apprehended for protective custody and 18 infringements were issued to people drinking in public and committing offences.

Officer in Charge of the Unit, Acting Senior Sergeant Brendan Lindner said, "The Community is sick and tired of people drinking in public, making a nuisance of themselves and engaging in anti-social behaviour and offending. NT Police will continue to work in partnership with other organisations to target people involved in such activity."

People in the Northern Territory shouldn't have to tolerate anti-social behaviour in public places. The Metropolitan Social Order & Engagement Unit will continue to run similar operations in Darwin in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year following the success of this operation.