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Angurugu deaths Operation Benta Update

Saturday 07-Nov-2015 13:01

Northern Territory Police are continuing their investigation into the deaths of two males aged 19 and 29 following a spear fight on Friday in the township of Angurugu on Groote Eylandt.

Commander Tony Fuller said there had been no further disturbances overnight, and the situation in Angurugu remained tense but calm....

“Our priority today will be to investigate the cause of Friday’s disturbance, and to identify persons of interest in the death of the two young men.

“This is a community in deep shock and mourning.

“We are respectful of Sorry Business requirements among relatives, and will work calmly and with care with Elders, families and residents to identify those responsible for the deaths.

“Our Members face a difficult task locating those responsible. Some will have fled into the Bush, while others have gone to ground elsewhere.

“Nonetheless, we appreciate the help provided by the community to date, and again appeal to anyone who might have information – especially video footage filmed on mobile devices – to come forward as soon as possible.”

The attached photo shows a number of items seized in the township yesterday by members of the TRG. Some of these items were handed in by a resident, while other objects were scattered around neighbouring areas