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Comparison - blurred reproduction
Crumpled note - no 50/50 image in clear window
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Counterfeit Currency – Katherine

Monday 02-Nov-2015 11:04

Katherine Police have received several reports recently of suspect $50 notes being circulated.

Superintendent Megan Rowe said that last week a number of suspicious notes reported proved to be a false alarm.

“However on Friday night 30 October, a counterfeit $50 note was passed at local club (over the bar or in the restaurant) and it is obviously a fake, but could be accepted by someone if they weren’t looking carefully,” she said.

“The public is asked to be aware that there may be other notes like this in circulation.

“The false note is described as reasonably easy to detect as a photocopy which blurs the distinct features of a genuine note.

“The material from which they are manufactured is a paper, rather than a polymer, so when you crumple them up in your hand, they stay crumpled. The fakes are also missing the transparent ‘50/50’ printing in the clear window which you can see if you hold it up to the light.”

Anyone who may have a suspicious note in asked to bring it to the Katherine Police Station.