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Flood Warnings for Katherine River and Waterhouse River - Update #4

Thursday 26-Mar-2015 14:07

Katherine River - Gorge Road - Minor Flood Warning

Katherine River at Nitmiluk Centre is currently above the three-metre minor flood level for Gorge Road and rising slowly.

The river is expected to continue to rise slowly during Thursday afternoon but not reach the moderate flood level (5.5 metres).

“Based on the advice received from the Bureau of Meteorology, Police anticipate that at this stage there may be minor flooding along Gorge Road only,” said A/Assistant Commissioner Michael Murphy.

“There is absolutely no concern for flooding in the Katherine Township at this time.”



Waterhouse River - Major Flood Warning



The Wugularr (Beswick) community bottom camp is now being affected by rising waters in the Waterhouse River.



Additional police and NTES personnel have been deployed to the community from Katherine by helicopter to assist in managing the relocation of affected people and services.



“The Wugularr School has been closed by the Education Department, to be used as the Evacuation Centre,” said A/Assistant Commissioner Michael Murphy.



“Six vulnerable people from the Aged Care Facility in the bottom camp are being relocated to the school, as are staff and provisions from the community clinic.



“Power and Water have shut down the pumping station at the bottom camp.



“The Beswick Store was restocked yesterday so there are sufficient supplies within the community.”



A Major Flood Warning has been advised for the Waterhouse River at Beswick Bridge as the river level at 10.00am was above the major flood level at 8.6 metres and is expected to rise to approximately 8.8 metres during the day.



“The Central Arnhem Highway remains closed at Beswick as there is water across the road and Police will continue to monitor the situation during the day and keep the community informed.”



“There are preparations underway to inform communities, for example Jilkminggan, that may be affected downstream of the current flow.”




General advice


“Residents in areas where roads likely to be affected by flooding are advised to exercise caution if driving and to drive to the conditions,” said A/Assistant Commissioner Murphy.


“Do not attempt to cross flooded waterways unless you are sure of the depth and speed of the water.


“Stay away from flooded drains, rivers, streams and waterways and stop children playing in or near floodwaters.


“Stay away from fallen power lines, they are dangerous and should always be treated as live.”


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