Crime Stoppers

Domestic Violence Incident - Charges - Alice Springs

Wednesday 15-Apr-2015 14:25

Police have charged a 36-year-old man following an alleged alcohol fuelled domestic violence incident in Alice Springs last night.

Detective Superintendent Brent Warren said South Australian Police had previously issued the offender with a full non-contact Domestic Violence Order (DVO) against his 34-year-old former partner.

“In an effort to ensure the safety of the former partner, the DVO was then registered in the Northern Territory.

“Police alleged the offender approached her at a residence in Braitling at around 11pm.

“Police responded to the incident and he was arrested for breaching his DVO.

“With the assistance of the Cross Border DV Intelligence Desk, Police will continue to closely monitor the movements of domestic violence offenders across the Northern Territory and beyond our borders.

“Police work hard to ensure that Domestic Violence offenders have nowhere to hide.”

He was charged with Breach of Bail and Breach of Alcohol Protection Order and will appear in Alice Springs Magistrates Court today.