Unwanted alarms

An unwanted alarm occurs when the NTFRS responds to a call and there is in fact no fire or other emergency present.

The NTFRS attends a number of unwanted alarms each year - around 3000 across the Territory.

The majority of these are generated by automatic fire alarm systems and it is the management of these types of unwanted alarms that the NTFRS promotes.  (The Building Code of Australia provides the following definition for 'automatic' - "designed to operate when activated by a heat, smoke or fire sensing device").

Your fire alarm system - your fire safety

It is vital to understand the significance of your fire alarm system and fire safety of all concerned - from family members to employees and the general public.  Most automatic fire alarm systems are a legal requirement or have been installed to provide fire safety, and it is essential they operate efficiently at all times. Unwanted alarms reduce the effectiveness of this early warning system.

Impact of unwanted alarms

Unwanted alarms have a negative impact on the fire service as they may prevent valuable resources from responding to real emergencies and have the potential to instil complacency in the general public towards fire alarms when they are in operation.

Contact Details

For further information - contact NTFRS Community Fire Safety Command on (08) 8995 5400