System maintenance

Modern day fire alarm systems are complex in design, and need to be maintained by a reputable fire maintenance company that has expertise in this field.

Maintenance of your Fire Alarm Systems

Modern day fire alarm systems are complex in design, and need to be maintained by a reputable fire maintenance company that has expertise in this field.

As a minimum requirement, an automatic fire alarm system should be designed, installed and maintained in accordance with requirements of the relevant Australian Standards.

We emphasise that additional maintenance is often necessary to prevent unwanted false alarms.

What do owners or occupiers need to know?

  • A responsible person should be nominated and trained
  • A reputable fire maintenance company is required to be contracted to service and maintain your fire detection and suppression systems as per your agreement with the NTFRS
  • Clear procedures for managing the fire alarm system should be established to ensure maximum fire protection at all times
  • A maintenance log book must be kept on site and be available to the Fire Services 24 hours a day
  • Understand and mange your fire maintenance company.

Evaluation of your system

Does your fire alarm system suit your needs?  Chances are your business or site will fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • renovations have changed the building layout
  • the use of rooms have been changed
  • your old fire alarm system has been upgraded
  • a new building has been constructed and standard fire protection installed without tailoring the type and calibration of detectors to the use of individual rooms or areas.

Be proactive!

Don't wait for a false alarm to occur before you assess your site.

Does your fire alarm system generate faults that cannot be explained?  New technology may be your answer.

Who will look after my fire system?

Fire Maintenance Companies

There are a number of fire maintenance companies operating in the Northern Territory that can assist you with managing and maintaining your fire system.  Fire maintenance companies play a pivotal role in assisting owners/occupiers in the prevention of unwanted false alarms.

  • Only a reputable fire maintenance contractor should be employed to maintain your system.  Modern fire alarm systems are complex in design, therefore you need a fire maintenance company that has particular knowledge about the components, configuration and performance specifications of your fire alarm system.
  • The NTFRS is aware that many owners/occupiers do not know what is involved in the maintenance schedule of an automatic fire alarm system or how to manage their system effectively.  It is important for you to take time to source this information and to discuss this matter with your maintenance company.
  • There is a need for a structured fire alarm system maintenance schedule to ensure optimum functionality.  An owner/occupier has a duty of care to ensure its automatic fire alarm system is operating effectively at all times.
  • Australian Standards will provide a minimum maintenance requirement.  Be aware that additional maintenance of your fire alarm system may be required.  This is particularly related to fire alarm systems that are exposed to dust and grime or other conditions such as salt air or continual water pressure fluctuations.  Discuss ways of preventing unwanted false alarms with your maintenance company.
  • Establish a procedure to be adopted for dealing with faults on your fire alarm system.  Immediate attention to faults will greatly assist in minimising unwanted false alarms and your maintenance company has the technical expertise to assist.  Don't forget to inform your monitoring provider of your contact details relative to faults.
  • Check your maintenance log book regularly to ensure tests are being carried out as per the contract you have with your fire maintenance company.
  • Only allow minimum isolation methods and provide your maintenance company with the necessary permits for modifications to your automatic fire alarm system.
  • Request your maintenance company to explain the functions of your fire indicator panel to enable nominated occupants to isolate zones or circuits of your fire alarm system. 
  • Before buying or leasing a building with an automatic fire alarm system, ensure that it complies with all Building Regulations and Standards.  When buildings are left vacant for a period of time, the maintenance may have been neglected, thus causing problems for the new owner.  The first indication that something is wrong is when a false alarm occurs.

Be proactive, not reactive, and contact a reputable fire maintenance company before you lease or buy.