Legislative requirements

Legal Responsibilities

For complete information on legal compliance please refer to the reference documents, especially the NT Building Act and the Building Code of Australia.  We bring to your attention that in accordance with the Fire and Emergency Act, the owner is required to maintain the building's essential services, which include required fire detection and alarm systems. 

Should it come to the attention of the NTFRS that a fire alarm system is not operating correctly, any of the following may occur:

  • The fire services may contact you to advise correct procedures.  If necessary they can inspect your premises and may issue a Notice to Owner Occupier, requiring specified action to take place within a certain time (penalties apply for non-conformance)
  • Building Advisory Services will be notified should a fire alarm system be disconnected without a building permit or continuously isolated inappropriately.  An Infringement Notice can be served if necessary (penalties apply)
  • Non-compliance may result in penalties or other enforcement measures.  These include monetary fines, and may require evacuation of the building in certain circumstances.

Reference Documents

  • NT Building Act
  • Fire & Emergency Act 2011
  • Work Safe Act
  • NT Liquor Act (where appropriate)

Australian Standards

  • AS 4428.6 - Fire detection, warning control and intercom systems - Control and indicating equipment - ASE
  • AS 1670.3 - Fire detection, warning control and intercom systems - System, design, installation and commissioning.