Volunteer community educator

The Volunteer Community Educator (VCE) is a non-operational role in a volunteer fire brigade. To become a VCE you need to be a current serving member or be willing to become a member of a Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service (NTFRS) Volunteer Fire Brigade.

VCEs perform a crucial role in delivering NTFRS education and information messages to local communities, groups and schools. VCEs also give presentations on a range of topics and provide information to their community in the lead up to the fire season and during and after an incident.

What are the benefits of joining a Volunteer Fire Brigade

The NTFRS has over 280 volunteers who come from many diverse backgrounds and walks of life to serve in rural and regional areas, helping to provide 24 hour service to our communities.

Being a member of a volunteer fire brigade is a great way to get to know people and build networks within your community.

As a VCE within a volunteer fire brigade, you will learn skills in delivering community education and have the opportunity to learn about fire behaviour, teamwork, communication and leadership.

What assistance is provided to Volunteer Community Educators

VCEs are supported through their brigade and the NTFRS Community Fire Safety Command. Resources such as educational and promotional material, presentation packages and equipment to aid your presentations are provided.

Training will provide the knowledge required to present programs and the skills needed to be a successful community educator.

Am I suitable to be a Volunteer Community Educator

As a VCE you need to be a positive, community minded person who is comfortable presenting in front of small or large groups of people, and be willing to develop the skills required to take on this role.

Current serving members who have an interest in becoming a VCE may apply and maintain their operational firefighter status. However, upon attendance at a fire call or incident that requires both volunteer firefighters and volunteer community educators you may only undertake one role for that incident.

What do VCEs offer to communities?

VCEs can present programs and provide assistance with the following:

  • PREPARE. ACT. SURVIVE. – are you bushfire prepared?
    : Bushfire Survival Plans
    : Fire Breaks
    : Permits to Burn
  • School Based Programs
  • Fire Safety in the Home - what you can do to prepare your home
  • Understanding Smoke alarms and Smoke alarm Regulations
  • Emergency Alerts
    • Accessing BoM
    • Understanding SEWS
    • Where and how to seek additional information
    • Fire Danger Rating signs – how they relate to you
    • Information on Fire Wardens and Building evacuation requirements

    VCEs will conduct presentations tailored to specific needs; this can include small or large group presentations or one-on-one advice to community members.

    VCEs provide programs that assist in handing education back to residents, enabling them to build resilience and take greater ownership of their risk mitigation.

    How do I become a Volunteer Community Educator?

    You can fill in the "Expression of Interest" form and submit it to the local volunteer fire brigade or to the Community Fire Safety Command.