Permits to burn

Permits to burn are required by the Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service (NTFRS) year round within the Darwin Emergency Response Area (ERA).

Permits to Burn for Rural Landholders are available at this time.

NOTE: Burning is not permitted at any time in the Municipal areas of Darwin and Palmerston.

Permits to Burn will cease at a date advertised to the public by the NTFRS Director.

NOTE: Fire Weather Conditions and Operational Requirements may dictated when permits close, decisions are routinely assessed and encompass the whole Darwin ERA, not individual locations e.g. Humpty Doo.

Permits are available, weather permitting, generally from December to May.

Requests for Permits to Burn will only be received between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

To obtain a permit contact your local Fire Station during business hours (week days) or Volunteer Fire Brigade (weekends) for inspections and issuing of Permits to Burn.

Requirements vary and are assessed individually on a case by case basis, however they generally contain that;

  • There is water on hand
  • Someone monitors the fire until it’s completely extinguished
  • Neighbours must be notified at least 48 hours before applying for a Permit to Burn.
  • Neighbours must be given a reasonable opportunity to object. This can be done by contacting the Hazard Abatement Officer on 89464167.
  • Only Green Waste Materials – No Rubbish of any type to be burnt.
  • Special Conditions on all Permits must be adhered to at all times.

(Penalties apply as per the Fire and Emergency Act 2016 for any breach of the conditions on a permit) (Fines start at $656)

NOTE: The NTFRS encourage all landholders to consider alternatives to burning wherever possible.

NOTE: The NTFRS encourages Land Owners to take advantage of the Street Sign Program, so that properties are easily identifiable in an Emergency not just a fire. Signs are produced at cost ($20) and can be obtained from the Humpty Doo Police Station, Humpty Doo Hardware and Virginia Shop.


Local Fire Stations (weekdays)
Palmerston Fire Station 8932 1335
Humpty Doo Fire Station 8988 0296
Berrimah Fire Station  8946 4147 
Volunteer Fire Brigade (weekends)
Howard Springs 8983 2999
Humpty Doo 8988 4333
Koolpinyah – Herbert 8988 5023
Virginia / Bees Creek 8988 2453 or 8988 9902


NOTE: Other Fire Districts within the Northern Territory set local policy, governed by the prevailing weather, topography and fuel state. Contact your local Fire Station for updates to Permits.

It is extremely important that if anyone witnesses unlawful burning, or suspects unlawful burning to be occurring, immediately ring the Fire Assistance Hotline on 8922155 and report it. You may be preventing an Emergency.