Permits to burn

Permits to burn are required by the Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service year round in the rural area.

The issuing of Permits to Burn will cease on Friday 5th May 2017.

Contact your local Fire Station during business hours or Volunteer Fire Brigade after hours for inspections and issuing of Permits to Burn.

Requests for Permits to Burn will only be received between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

Neighbours must be notified at least 48 hours before applying for a Permit to Burn.

Clear identification of Lot Numbers would be appreciated.

The last Permit Burns will cease on Sunday 7th May 2017.

The Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service encourage all landholders to consider alternatives to burning wherever possible.

Contact telephone numbers during the weekday
Palmerston Fire Station 8932 1335
Humpty Doo Fire Station 8988 0296
Volunteer Fire Brigade (After hours and weekends)
Howard Springs 8983 2999
Humpty Doo 8988 4333
Koolpinyah – Herbert 8988 5023
Virginia / Bees Creek 8988 2453 or 8988 9902

NOTE: Other Fire Districts within the Northern Territory set local policy, governed by the prevailing weather, topography and fuel state.

Burning is not permitted at anytime in the municipal areas of Darwin and Palmerston.

Permits are available, weather permitting, generally from mid November to mid May. Permits cease to be issued once the dry season commences as confirmed by the Bureau of Meteorology.

The Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service discourage the use of fire in place of mowing. Permits will be issued for piles of logs (windrows) and developmental reasons. Permits are not issued to save the effort of mowing.

There are circumstances where a one off burn can be carried out for weed eradication or, initial development reasons. These burns will be carried after consultation with your local Volunteer Brigade.

If you are clearing an area on your property and wish to burn the windrows make sure the windrow is away from existing structures and sufficient distance away from your boundary so as not to present a danger to the neighbours. For advice call 8988 0298.