Pensioners Christmas party

The Annual Firies Pensioners Christmas Party is one of the highlights of the year for a lot of senior Territorians living in and around Darwin. This year it will be the 44th year the NTFRS has conducted the party and the event is very well patronised with up to 500 pensioners attending the function each year.

The NTFRS commences fundraising for the party eight weeks prior to the event and thanks to the generous Darwin community manages to raise almost $20 000 in cash, food, drinks and in-kind support. This ensures that there is enough food and beverages for everyone as well as a small present from Santa. Entertainment for the event is provided by a number of local entertainers free of charge, who keep the pensioners entertained for the duration of the party.  Transport to and from the venue is donated by the Darwin bus service.

Firefighters donate their own time for fundraising activities and also on the day to assist make the event a success. The Pensioners Christmas Party has, over the years, become a Territory institution.

This event has become a true Territory occasion and is highly anticipated by many people each year.