Annual Northern Territory firefighter competition

The annual Northern Territory Firefighter Competition was not held this year due to an extreme wet season.

This competition is open to all fire agencies within the Northern Territory with invitations being extended to the Army, Navy and Air Service Australia, as well as the NTFRS Volunteers and FERGS.

The core six events have been based on events from CFA competitions, adapted to suit our equipment and vehicles. Each year we include an event from the Australasian Championships, this year sees the inclusion of the second Australasian event.

The committee is striving to expand the Northern Territory Competition with the inclusion this year of a team from Alice Springs, Katherine, Jabiru, Adelaide River and Batchelor. The inclusion of the NTFRS Career Firefighters would greatly enhance the local competition as well as fostering inter-agency relations.

Please contact Maxine Way on 0408 832 518 or 8983 2518 for further details.