Pine Creek Fire and Emergency Response Group

The first volunteer fire brigade to be established outside the metropolitan areas was at Pine Creek, being gazetted on 3 June 1970 when Frederick Chaney, the Administrator of the Northern Territory at that time, authorised the formation of a fire brigade. To be known as the Pine Creek Volunteer Fire Brigade, it was to operate within the Pine Creek Fire District, defined as a radius of two miles from the Pine Creek Police Station[1]. The NT Fire Brigade issued the Pine Creek brigade with a trailer pump incorporating a Volkswagen-powered Climax pump, and also a separate hose trailer[2].

[1] NT Government Gazette No 22 dated 3 June 1970 notice 698/22

[2] 1971 NT Fire Brigade Annual Report page 13


Lot 52 Main Terrace, Pine Creek NT 0847

Postal Address

Po Box 189, Pine Creek NT 0847