Mataranka Fire and Emergency Response Group

The Mataranka Fire Brigade was gazetted in 1973 making it the fourth Volunteer Fire Brigade. The Fire District was defined as a radius of two kilometres from the local Post Office[1], however three months later it was redefined as being a two kilometre radius from the local Police Station[2]. The brigade was issued with a trailer pump incorporating Coventry Climax pump.

[1] NT Government Gazette No 5 dated 1 February 1973 notices 187/5, 188/5 and 189/5, and NT Government Gazette No 7 dated 15 February 1973 notices 347/7

[2] NT Government Gazette No 18 dated 3 May 1973 notice 788/18


Lot 29 and 30 Gunn Street, Mataranka NT 0852

Postal Adderess

PO Box 4058, Mataranka NT 0852