Howard Springs Volunteer Fire Brigade

Sometime at the end of 1986 a "Strip and Prawn" morning was organised by three Howard Springs "Characters". After the expenses were taken out the question was: "What shall we do with the money left over?" It was then that a gentleman called Dick Griffith proclaimed the need for a fire brigade in Howard Springs.

Howard Springs Fire Engine
Article from the Howard Springs Volunteer Fire Brigade "Playing With Fire" newsletter dated April 1988.

This being a good thing, Georg Leitens, Dave Suthers and others took up the idea and thus wheels were set into motion.

What a beginning for a volunteer fire brigade! This could only happen in the Territory!?

The first public meeting was held on Sunday 2nd November. This meeting was attended by Col Dash and Bill Longbottom of the NT Fire Service and about 20 interested local residents.

The purpose of the meeting was to elect a steering committee to form a volunteer fire brigade and to approach the Government to incorporate this new brigade into the NT Fire Service.

A letter dated 14/01/86 was received from Col Dash, Superintendant of the Fire Services Rural Division, stating that the Chief Minister has approved the proposal to esablish a volunteer fire brigade in the Howard Springs district.

It is of some interest to note that the Howard Springs area was the only immediate rural area without a volunteer fire brigade. Volunteer brigades had existed for some years at McMinns, Humpty Doo, Virginia and Bees Creek.

A general meting on the 25/02/87, organised by the steering committee, was held at the Howard Springs Primary School for the purpose of electing a committee to form the brigade.

The following were elected:

K Ozolins (Captain), W Doyle (Vice Captain), S Arnison (Secretary/Treasurer), D Allcorn, D Griffith and J Wagner.

The establishment of the brigade was approved by the Chief Minister Mr Stephen Hatton 12/11/86.


325 Whitewood Road, Howard Springs NT 0835

Postal Address

PO Box 719, Howard Springs NT 0835