Watarrka Volunteer Unit

The Watarrka Volunteer Unit operates in the Watarrka District which is located to the south-west of Alice Springs, and includes the Watarrka National Park and the Kings Canyon Resort. The area is bounded by the Mereenie Loop, Luritja and the Ernest Giles roads.

There are over 10 registered members of the Watarrka Volunteer Unit who are under the direction of the Emergency Response Officer, located at the Watarrka Emergency Response Unit, Luritja Road.

The Unit carries out a wide range of duties including Road Crash Rescue, Land Search and many other functions in support of the Northern Territory Police.

The Unit is supported by the stakeholders of the district including, Kings Creek Station, Kings Canyon Resort and the Parks and Wildlife Service.

For further information regarding the Watarrka Volunteer Unit, please telephone the Emergency Response Officer at Watarrka on 8954 6113.