Wadeye Volunteer Unit

Wadeye (Port Keats) is located 250 kilometres south-south-west of Darwin.

The Wadeye NTES Volunteer Unit is responsible for the Wadeye Police District. The District covers an area of 13,650 square kilometres. This includes the Wadeye and Peppimenarti communities and four outstations.

The general topography of the district consists mainly of coastal flood plains rising inland to the Sugarloaf Range and Wingale Mountains. Vegetation varies from mangrove to scrub and lightly timbered areas of woodland.

The Wadeye Volunteer Unit falls under the control of the NTES Northern Region. Currently the Unit has dedicated members trained in a variety of emergency skills.

The Unit carries out the full range of normal Emergency Service tasks.

The Unit Headquarters is located at Wadeye Police Station.

Contact with the Unit can be made by phoning Officer in Charge, Wadeye Police Station on 08 8978 2366 or by post at Wadeye Police Station, Wadeye, NT 0822.