Ti Tree Volunteer Unit

The Ti Tree NTES Volunteer Unit operates in the Ti Tree Police District covering 47,000 square kilometres.

The Stuart Highway divides this area and due to the large amount of tourist traffic, the Unit deals with an average of one motor vehicle accident per month. These range from relatively injury free rollovers to fatal accidents.

The Unit carries out the full range of normal Emergency Service tasks. In addition it has a fire fighting role and is equipped with 450 litre fire-fighting unit.

The Unit is well supported by the community, Anmatjere Council, Ti Tree Roadhouse and Aileron roadhouse. Locally raised funds have assisted in the upgrading of the Unit’s equipment.

The Officer in Charge of Ti Tree Police Station, is the Local Controller, responsible for all matters concerning the deployment of the Volunteer Unit. The Unit can be contacted by phoning the Police Station on 08 8956 9733.