Cox Peninsula Volunteer Unit

Cox Peninsula is located on the western side of Darwin Harbour.

The Cox Peninsula NTES Volunteer Unit is responsible for an area which includes the peninsula area of Mandorah, the Community of Belyuen and westwards to Dundee Beach.

The general topography of the district consists of blacksoil plains and sparsely wooded areas. Considerable clearance for horticulture has been attempted.

The Cox Peninsula Volunteer Unit falls under the control of the NTES Northern Region. Currently the Unit has around 10 dedicated members trained in a variety of emergency skills.

The Unit carries out the full range of normal Emergency Service tasks. In addition it holds equipment for response to harbour rescues, road crash rescue and medical incidents as there is currently no ambulance at Cox Peninsula.

The Unit Headquarters is located in Cox Peninsula Community Council Headquarters.

Contact with the Unit can be made by phoning the Unit Officer on 0427 794 279 or by post to PO Box 39764, Winnellie, NT 0821.