Alice Springs Volunteer Unit

Alice Springs is the major city in the south of the Northern Territory. It is located on the Stuart Highway approximately 1,500 kilometres south of Darwin and 275 north of the South Australian/Northern Territory border.

Alice Springs Volunteer unit
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The Alice Springs NTES Volunteer Unit is responsible for the Alice Springs district. The district covers an area of approximately 31,320 square kilometres and includes Alice Springs, the Territories second largest city, and the communities of Amoongana, Iwupataka and Santa Teresa. The area of responsibility also includes 14 pastoral properties.

The general topography of the district consists of mountain ranges running east-west, with rugged gorges and ravines. The northern part of the district consists of relatively flat grasslands broken by patches of low scrub and mulga and in the southern area the country is gently undulating with lightly vegetated sandhills.

The Alice Springs Volunteer Unit is under the control of the NTES Southern Region. Currently the unit has over 30 dedicated members trained in a variety of emergency skills.

The Unit carries out the full range of normal Emergency Service tasks. In addition it has a strong vertical rescue element.

The Unit Headquarters is located in Wilkinson Street, Alice Springs.

Training is held every Tuesday evening with occasional formal courses being run on a weekend and some courses being run in conjunction with other regional volunteer units. The Vertical Rescue Team undertakes training every fortnight.

Contact with the Unit can be made by phoning the Unit Officer on 0428 260 015 or by post at PO Box 767 Alice Springs NT 0871.