Emergency Management

Emergency Management in the Northern Territory uses a three tier system of Local, Regional and Territory plans. Each of these has a committee or council established to manage and implement the specific plan.

Local Emergency Committees (LEC), are an integral part of our ability to prevent, prepare, respond and recover from emergencies within our communities.

LEC members come from Territory and local government departments, private businesses and emergency management volunteer organisations. This web page has been established to provide information and support to these members.

The Northern Territory Emergency Service (NTES) recommends that LEC members complete the following introductory online courses. This training will provide you with an overview of the Northern Territory Counter Disaster Arrangements and the Incident Control System utilised during emergency operations.

Please note that the below courses utilise the term "Counter Disaster Committees"; this term is interchangeable and is now known as "Emergency Committees" under the Emergency Management Act 2013, the function of the Committees is exactly the same.  Likewise the Disasters Act has been superseded by the Emergency Management Act 2013 and these terms should be interchanged throughout the online course.

Course 1

Introduction to Northern Territory Counter Disaster Arrangements

(Approximately 30 minutes to complete)

Course 2

Introduction to Northern Territory Incident Control Systems (NTICS)

(Approximately 1 hour to complete)