Interview a Police Member – 50 revenue units

The process of interviewing a Northern Territory Police Member/s attracts a fee pursuant to the Police Administration (Fees) Regulations of 50 Revenue Units per half hour or part thereof for each member that is interviewed. Revenue Units are governed by the Northern Territory Revenue Units Act 2009 and are subject to change 1 July each year.

The Northern Territory Department of Treasury and Finance determine the value of a Revenue Unit for all Northern Territory Government Departments.

Please see the Fee Advice for the current fee associated with this request.

This fee must be paid prior to the interview taking place and unfortunately, these fees can NOT be waived under any circumstances.

How to apply to Interview a Police Member/s

Take your completed application form to your nearest Police Station. You can then lodge the form with the Officer handling your application who will forward it to the Information Access Team. Alternatively, you can send your completed application form along with payment of the application fee or proof of payment of the application fee to NTPFES Information Access Team by email, fax or post.