General Requests for Information (RFI) – no fee

This is an informal administrative process whereby members of the public can apply for access to their personal information held by the NTPFES.

This process is usually used for access to basic personal information (statements you have made to NT Police etc) and is processed outside of the Information Act (NT). Personal information is information that is about you. There is no fee associated with this process.

How to apply for an RFI

Take your completed application form and photographic identification (photo ID) to your nearest Police Station. Your photo ID must clearly show your name, address and date of birth. A driver's licence, passport or similar are acceptable forms of photo ID. You can then lodge the form with the Officer handling your application who will forward it to the Information Access Team. Alternatively, you can send your photocopied ID and completed application form to NTPFES Information Access Team by email, fax or post.

The Information Access Team also accepts general requests for information in writing without an application form. A letter can be mailed or faxed or email sent to the Information Access Team outlining what information you wish to obtain, your full name, contact details, postal details and attached copy of your photo ID.

Please note: If you wish to obtain a police report, of which you are the complainant and that does not contain any third party information (third party information is information that is not about you), you may attend your local Police Station (within the NT) to collect a copy of the report.