Frequently asked questions

What if I live interstate?
The same processes outlined above should be adhered to; however this procedure relies on the goodwill and support of interstate Police services. NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services (NTPFES) has no formal arrangement with interstate Police to provide this service. NTPFES offers no guarantee that your local Police service will be able to assist.
If you require further information, or have further questions, feel free to contact us on the details at the top of the page.
What is the difference between a Request for Personal Information and a Freedom of Information Request?
A request for personal information is an informal administrative process that can be completed quite quickly because there is only a small amount of personal information to be processed.
A Freedom of Information request is a formal process, is governed by the Information Act (NT) and may be utilised when there is a large amount of information requested, the information is sensitive information or if the request is for non-personal Government information.
What are the General Ledger Codes?
Information Act Application (FOI) 16BEG745166311
Motor Vehicle Crash Report 16BEG745131140
Request to Interview Police Member 16BEG745131139
Complete Traffic History Check 16BEG745131142
Insurance Claims (General Property) 16BEG745131141
CCTV Footage from City Safe Cameras 16CLA002166311