Complete Traffic History Check – 50 revenue units

Members of the public may need a copy of their Complete Traffic History for work purposes or to apply for an interstate licence. A Complete Traffic History Check involves having a check done on your Traffic Infringement History as well as your Traffic Conviction History and can be processed for anyone who has ever held a Northern Territory Driver's Licence.

This request attracts a fee of 50 Revenue Units. Revenue Units are governed by the Northern Territory Revenue Units Act 2009 and are subject to change 1 July each year.

The Northern Territory Department of Treasury and Finance determine the value of a Revenue Unit for all Northern Territory Government Departments.

Please see the Fee Advice for the current fee associated with this request.

Unfortunately, these fees can NOT be waived under any circumstances.

Please note: The Conviction History is only for traffic related offences, and is not a Criminal History Check.

How to apply for a Complete Traffic History Check

Take your completed application form, photographic identification (photo ID) and client authority (if applicable) to your nearest Police Station. Your photo ID must clearly show your name, address and date of birth. A driver's licence, passport or similar are acceptable forms of photo ID. You can then lodge the form with the Officer handling your application who will forward it to the Information Access Team. Alternatively, you can send your photocopied ID, completed application form and client authority (if applicable) to NTPFES Information Access Team by email, fax or post.