Blood Alcohol Concentration/Drug Analysis Reports

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) and Drug Analysis Reports attract a fee pursuant to the Police Administration (Fees) Regulations.


Where the analysis has been undertaken as part of a Police investigation, a copy of the relevant Certificate(s) can be provided at a cost of 45 Revenue Units per certificate.


Where the analysis has not been requested by Police but a blood sample exists, application to have the sample analysed can be made by the donor or a third party with a legitimate interest in the results who has provided an Authority to Release Information document signed by the donor or his/her legally recognised representative.  The Forensic Chemistry Unit can analyse the sample based on a fee for service, a BAC analysis is 125 Revenue Units, a Drug Screen analysis is 250 Revenue Units and a Drug Confirmation analysis is 375 Revenue Units.


Revenue Units are governed by the Northern Territory Revenue Units Act 2009 and are subject to change 1 July each year.  The Northern Territory Department of Treasury and Finance determine the value of a Revenue Unit for all Northern Territory Government Departments.  Unfortunately, these fees can NOT be waived under any circumstances.


Please send your completed application form and proof of payment to the Forensic Chemistry Unit by email, fax or mail. If you submit your form at an NT Police Station, the receiving officer will forward your application to the Forensic Chemistry Unit for you.